Could These Wireless Earphones Be Better Than The Apple Originals? And At A Fraction Of The Price?

Posted by Julio Ferreira on

Here Are The Mind-Blowing Test Results!!

My job is testing and reporting on electronic gadgets. I’ve used almost every type of Bluetooth headphone that exist… and I know how important great sound is.

When everyone thinks of super high-quality wireless headphones, one company usually comes to mind, and that is Apple. Apple AirPods are the gold standard of wireless headphones. They sound fantastic, usually work flawlessly, and are simple to use.

What could be wrong with that?

Nothing. Apple makes great stuff. I’m a lifelong Apple fan, but to tell you the truth, ever since Steve Jobs passed, I believe that Apple has slowed down on the innovation and evolution of their products.

That morning, the box arrived with the brand-new PlayBeatz headphones for me to review. I unboxed them and was immediately impressed with the careful packaging.

I had seen lots of headphones, but these PlayBeatz had a quality look and feel. They were made of smooth, high quality composite plastic. They were carefully constructed. Finely joined seams and precision openings for the speakers. I was already impressed.

They felt good. I popped them in my ears to test out the fit.

They fit snugly, and even though I shook my head and practically turned upside down, they stayed in and did not fall out.

I was highly impressed. Almost all the headphones I had tested before were too big, ugly, looked weird, and fell out of my ears. The PlayBeatz on the other hand, looked great, were the right size, and fit securely in my ears.



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