MDF Technology was founded on January 1, 2003 by Julio Ferreira. The company is located in Sao Paulo city, Brazil. Over the years, MDF has maintained a leading position in the technology Market innovating and bringing more and more intelligent solutions to small, medium and large companies. Our main goal is to provide technology solutions to our customers, not only by offering them the latest versions of hardwares and softwares, but also by offering products and services.

MDF has highly qualified professionals who are constantly improving their skills and knowledge. We serve the needs of our customers with the highest priority. This is what places us as a point of reference in the market. For us, having clarity of mission is one of the assumptions of success. You must know where you are going, why you are going and how you are going. The priority of the MDF is the return on investment made by the customer. In addition to the best cost-benefit ratio and the shortest delivery time, our information technology systems are innovative and provide efficiency and productivity gains.


To be the largest company in technological solutions for small and medium companies in Brazil and overseas, with excellence and efficiency on its products and services.


Enable the success of our customers not only offering products and services, but innovative solutions in Technology and Information Systems.


Modernity, efficiency, excellence and respect not only for all the team that encompasses the Company, but for all our customers and competitors.

Julio Ferreira - CEO